1. If you have a concern please contact the person at the firm with whom you have been dealing with to try and resolve it.
  2. If matter has not been resolved with that person, please write to us to provide the details of your concern.  This should provide both you and us with a clear record of what you are complaining about and what we need to consider.
  3. Our Complaints Partner is Robin Makin.   
  4. Should you wish to write to us by email you may contact Robin Makin at robin.makin@erexmakin.co.uk.
  5. Following receipt of your written complaint we will acknowledge receipt in writing to you, record your complaint and then start to investigate it. 
  6. We will consider the most appropriate method of investigating and resolving the compliant.  The steps that may be taken are: 

(a) The member of staff who dealt with the matter will be asked to consider the complaint and provide observations for consideration by the person appointed by the firm to deal with the complaint.

(b) Robin Makin, the Complaints Partner, or someone appointed by him will then  write to you suggesting a meeting, if this seems appropriate. 

(c) If we consider it appropriate to have a meeting to discuss your complaint we will write to you offering to meet.

(d) If there is a meeting we will write to you to confirm the details of the meeting and any resolution which has been agreed.

(e) If you do not wish to have a meeting or we do not consider a meeting appropriate, we will reply to your complaint in writing.  

(f) If you are not satisfied with the written response you have received,  you may write to us again and ask us to review our response to you.  

(g) If you request us to review our decision we will do so.  We will write to you setting out our final position.

  1. We try to deal with all stages as quickly as possible and keep you informed as to progress. The amount of time this will take will depend upon the nature of the complaint and the resources and other commitments we have.